Art and sustainable change

„Art and sustainable change“

As we know the transition into a sustainable world is accompanied by a high level of instability and framed by a lot of open questions.

We must find intelligent, trendsetting solutions for many themes like energy supply, nutrition, global equity, water consumption, health problems etc.

Often, we wish to find the answers for all of these problems with our old mind strategies, because we are all more or less, slaves of our old cultural paradigm, but we forget our infinite inner resource: fantasy, our potential to dream to be creative.

This workshop will show us new, inspiring ways to get in contact with our hidden inside creativity in order to find surprising solutions for old problems.

Each of us has this creative power, but to become more aware of it, we must invest time, attention and passion.

This course is a collective exciting journey through fascinating landscapes of unknown possibilities.

After that we understand, the global change starts in our self, before we reach a balanced sustainable world, we have to create this vision inside us with creative power and a higher consciousness.


Day 1     I

Introduction of all participants

Introduction of the program

The Construction of our identity

Self perception / perception of others

Perception models

Draw a self portrait / Transparent painting

Colour cycle analysis

Introduction integral model

Day 2  MATTER / reality

Perspective inside / outside

Nature drawing

Space and perspective

Meaning of colours

Work with clay


Work on a group picture

Landart – create an outside sculpture in landscape

with a sustainable background

Documentation / create a little slideshow / movie

Observing group dynamics



Make the sub consciousness visible

Dream paintings

Pattern of believes, a first approach

Photographic thought journey / Analyse

Photo stories

Insight views / contemplation / creative reaction

Day 5 TRANSFORMATION / appliance

Visual landscape as metaphor

Solutions driven by intuition an art

Concrete Case study work supported by metaphors




Number of participants:  8-max.12 persons

Location:  remote studio, guesthouse, chalet, in impressive nature, occasion for cocking organic food

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