In times of accelerated global changes two things become more and more important:Production of stability, with concurrent readiness for change and innovation!

Metaphoric management is an innovative knowledge and creation method which uses creative impulses in every change process and the emotional intelligence of all partners consciously. The collective knowledge is thereby activated as an inspiring network resource. Metaphoric management involves visual metalevels and identifies complexity across systems to find new methods of sustainable management. We use the integral model as a holistic navigation instrument trough all levels of change.



We understand as our challenge to manage this tension intelligently. Therefore, we combine consultation methods with creative scenario technologies. We call it metaphoric management.


We walk the way together with you while always trying to think one step ahead. Expect from us no standard medicine, rather an exactly explained acupuncture, so that the whole enterprise potential can fully develop.


What is especially important to us: Without emotional engagement of all partners during the change process your targets remain nice illusions and are quickly caught up by the everyday routines. Emotions must be embraced steered and reflected upon. We know how this works.


Our interest is to find sustainable solutions that include economical, ecological, social factors as a general expression of a new enterprise culture. We work with partners who offer different competences. Together we are better.



Every change is a venture. Every change is an open, creative process we will guide you on.

The integral model

It is no longer all about rationally following the regularity of structural rules but more about the observance of the regularity of knowing that change is the only constant. “How we produce” is replaced with “How can we change” and this has to form the basic premise on which organizations rationally act.

Stefan Kühl

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