In a world of information overflow and many different action options it becomes more and more difficult to provide orientation to people, to motivate employees and to lead organisations through unstable phases.

We often miss a comprehensive picture which shows us the way, which shows security and provides us a feeling of order and trust.

We help you to find these pictures and to create new solution strategies.

We understand visual process management as a creative service in the following areas:

Largely all events serve information exchange. Complicated topics are discussed businesslike to find sustainable solutions, or to generally improve the team spirit. Visual documentations consider the whole spectrum of all these interactions in a symbolic manner. Besides the rational aspects they also show the emotional oscillations. They show the whole process course including concealed messages „between the lines“.

You decide in which manner the visual protocols can be used:

Visual diary designed by a innovation workshop / Roche Switzerland

It has turned out that the production of photo filming is very helpful to illustrate the mosaic of  enterprise culture as an emotional experience.

Within one to five days, portraits, still lifes, architecture, reproes of annual reports, etc. are filmed and are then being used to create a complete photo film with music and texts of different length.

These can be applied for bigger events in change management, enterprise representations, advertisements, etc.

Prices of from 3,000 to 10,000 euros

Product development

To define visonairy thoughts around aims

Executive training

Conflict management

Outplacement consultancy

Picture scenario for a swiss bank / factors of a finance crisis

Thinking vertically one step follows the other. Thinking laterally one is able to jump and can then try to fill the gaps.

Edward de Bono

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