BASF / Ludwigshafen / Teamdevelopment in an sustainable change program


BMW / München / Workshop with Neuwaldegg consultancy  / Innovationmanagement


Budnikowsky GmbH / Hamburg / Teamdevelopment, Coaching


China Tours / Hamburg / Organisationdevelopment, Coaching


DBM AG / Outplacement Beratung / Zürich / Visual moderation 


Dräger Forum / Lübeck / Cretivityworkshop


EADS / Airbus / Finkenwerder / Creative interventions in a change management workshop


EPEA / Hamburg / Teamtraining with picture-scenario-method


ETH Zürich / MIT Boston / Lecturer in a worldwide sustainability education program


HSG / St. Gallen / Creativitytraining / Coaching


Hauni Werke / Körber Stiftung / Hamburg / Visual Moderation 


KLM / Amsterdam / Teambuildingprocess with KGOTLA Company

Lufthansa Technik / Hamburg / Lecture about creativity / Innovationworkshop 


Ministry for Justice / den Haag / KGOTLA Strategyworkshop / visual guidance


Ministry for  Verkeer und Waterstraat / den Haag / KGOTLA Strategyworkshop / Photo-Slide-Show


Pelikan GmbH / Hannover / Teamdevelopment, Creativitytraining


Roche AG / Pensberg / Picture-scenario-development in a vision finding process


Rabobank / Maastricht / KGOTLA Transformationsworkshop / Photo-Slide-Show


Red Cross Netherland / den Haag / KGOTLA Changemanagementworkshop / Picture-scenario-technic


Technische Hochschule Rapperswil / Switzerland / Organisationsdevelopment, Szenariotechnic

Tennant / Minneapolis / Preparation for a strategyworkshop / picture-scenarion-method


TPA Horwath / Wien / Teamdevelopment with HR diamonds


Schooldepartment Hamburg / Changemanagement Workshop


University of Lüneburg / Innovationtraining in a sustainability education program

Manfred Grossmann, BMW

Working together with Klaus Elle on his “Picture-Scenario” method has been for me a sustainable investment in modern understanding of change management. I have experienced the shaping of this development with Klaus Elle as both challenging and pleasing. He succeeds in ‘graphically’ depicting particularly complex relationships in a very lively, humorous, emotional and most beneficial way. Change processes are by nature characterized by complexity and ambiguity. The ease of use of image-dominated scenario work acts as an excellent method of intervention through which new insights and productive energies may arise. It basically enables everyone to live out their personal experiences and identify with those of others, especially when you are able to see yourself in the picture. Klaus Elle is able to, through his visual expression and fascinating personal devotion; challenge his “customer base” time and time again. Through his pulsating and fast-paced manner you are able to feel his emotional resonance. You are urged to create your own mind maps and reflective way.

Dr. Matthew Gardner, MIT Boston, Program Manager

As a scientist, and as a consultant to large corporations seeking to change how they do business, I witness firsthand people’s reluctance and inability to synthesize high level views of their situation. Line managers as well as senior leadership are frequently consumed by performance metrics, management-by-crisis, and quarterly earnings reports, rather than the higher level strategic, holistic perspectives of what they are working to accomplish. While detailed, in-the-trenches, views are a necessary part of effective management, it is equally important to be able to step back, consider the big picture and make sure that the enterprise is heading in the right economic, ethical and emotional direction.

A tool that I have found very effective to accomplish this is the integration of artistic visioning, the practice of using artistic expression to capture images, aspirations, concerns, and fantasies. When applied to the business context, this accomplishes two important things: First, it provides an additional, raw, unpolished outlet for people’s inner thoughts about a particular subject. In a business society where we spend do much time polishing and practicing, to tap into an unpracticed, stream-of-consciousness, can be tremendously illuminating. Second, and related, the simple act of taking a person, and asking him or her to participate in an exercise of artistic expression places them in a context that is foreign to most, and can shed light on issues that may not have been easily accessible previously.

In the past corporate management teams would participate in corporate retreats, trust falls, ropes courses, and other now-clichéd activities to build a team ethos. Artistic expression exercises offers similar benefits but on a much deeper level. Not only can a management team participate in a new and somewhat intimidating arena, but it can do so while tapping into their inner thoughts and emotional fabric in ways that these other activities simply cannot.

Dr. Marco Keiner,  Director of the Department of Environment, Land Use and Housing United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva

I believe that art, in all its facets, angles and colors holds the answers to these questions. Art in its active state frees up the creative and in its passive state allows us to experience the world. It is a medium which frees us from barriers set by old ways of thinking and belief systems. Art takes us on a journey of delving deeper and further into things – it combines the micro and macro cosmos. It opens. Things become recognizable and imaginable through it. If we would like to understand, experience, touch, shape, criticize sustainable development in all its facets – to sometimes discard certain things and start all over again then the study of art is a fascinating journey and a mobilizing force. Whilst at the same time remembering that the journey will never end. Klaus Elle is a restless traveler when it comes to sustainable development. He creates snapshots of change. In his book “Metaphorical Management – the artist as a moderator for complex systems” you are taken on a journey and Klaus Elle is the competent tour guide. He encourages you in brilliant ways to overcome your own inhibitions, to view things differently and think out of the box. You become holistic and your ability to act in a sustainable way is expanded. I can think of only one thing better than Klaus Elle and his book: And that would be to experience him in person.

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