The Picture-Scenario Method is a visually oriented advice (consulting) approach, which strengthens the awareness and broadens the configuration spaces for change processes. With this method it is possible to represent and translate complicated human interactions, decision-making processes and structural changes into a different level.

During the work with the Picture scenario the analytical knowledge and the experience within the organization are brought together to create and new dynamic of the collective intelligence of this organization.

The steps of a Picture scenario method are:

1 Start

In a Picture-Brainstorming session with a moderator, all facts, ideas, and feelings about a theme are collected.

2 Concentration

These aspects, problems and ideas are divided in focal points for particular groups

3  Incubation

In these focal point groups common and acceptable pictures are generated

4 Integration

In the different groups various picture scenarios with all important ideas are produced.

5 Creation

The relevance of the new resulting picture scenarios is discussed and the picture scenario is changed until it represents an adequate meaning for the group.

6 Transfer

This common accepted picture and all its perspectives, solutions approaches, and networking possibilities will then be a model for the different measures to transform them in concrete projects.

When creative people change from one task (job) to another they carry elements and perspectives from one area to another and gain in this way unexpected views. From these views one can leave a project that is creating frustration and devote oneself to a different one.

Daniel Golemann

Colour Circle Analysis ©

Color circle analysis

The color circle analysis is an intuitive assessment method to identify in a short time the spectrum of strengths and weaknesses of a person, team or even of a product. This method is based on scientific knowledge together with current research in psychology and experiences from personality studies. This combination makes this assessment particularly dynamic and powerfully expressive.

The Color circle analysis is useful in many areas such as:

The Color circle analysis can bring benefits in different instances, for example:

Organisation Process Guide ©

Each process of change has its own clear rhythms, which may be different in their details. The Organisation-Process-Guide shows clearly the process steps during all the change phases and allows for an intuitive experience to decide positioning and therefore specific conclusions to undertake next steps.

The tool is a creative navigation instrument for leadership in times of increased change intensity, but is also an inspirational meta-level for the development of the change process.

The tool helps recognize new perspectives in the preparation of seminars and workshops. In this way there is a meaningful balance between the rational direction and the emotional components. With the Organisation-Process-Guide the collective intelligence can be transformed into the motivational force of the change process.

Sustainability Business Navigator ©

The „sustainability business navigator“ supports with colors and symbols all the levels of action of an organization. Using an internal questionnaire it is possible to create the organizational circle, and it is possible to identify the areas of the circle where more attention and work is needed within the organization. The advantage of this tool is the complete visualization of the organization in a compact form, and the possibility to go into detail in its key areas. Then it is possible to decide which competences are needed to bring the organization back to balance. We accompany you in this process in a targeted and competent manner.

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